European HArdware Manufacturer

On Project Training
1 year, 3 Projects
I am convinced that Design Thinking helps creating more valuable products and services. I am also convinced that the best way to unterstand how it works is to actually do it.In your organization, on a real project.Do you really need a Design Thinking Coach?Well, you need to understand the process, know a couple of tools, practice, practice, practice and of course internalize the mindset of putting your user first.And that is exactly what we did. Together with we supported an Europe based, consumer facing hardware manufacturer to developed three different products through the course of one year. We prepared the frame and then let the teams work more and more on their own. With me always being there as a „security net.“
After a year and this three projects, Design Thinking is more and more part of this companies innovation DNA.
Our Contributions: User research, Process Design, Workshop Design, Facilitation

Do you feel like you want to to update your teams approach to new challenges?