Visual Meta - E-Commerce Platform
Find and create new user value in 5 days
Design Sprint
Time does not hold still, neither does the internet. So after 8 successful years on the market my client hat the need for a new and clearer value proposition. For their b2c users and for their b2b partners. Therefore we conducted two 5 day Design Sprints.First we conducted user interviews discover their most pressing needs, then we builded a prototype we thought would be a great answer to that need. At the end of the week we testet it.
The results of both sprints were stunning. Both, the update to the b2b as well as the b2c platform are currently being implemented.
The sprint weeks were also used as a starting point to increase collaboration across different teams.

I use the Google Design Sprint as a methodical basis, always adjusting it according to my clients needs.
Our Contributions: Workshop Design, Facilitation

Do you feel like you need to upgrade your product to a changing market?