Strategic Designer, Design Researcher, Design Thinking Coach,
Innovation Consultant, Design Thinker…

Hi, my name is Dea

I am a Berlin-based "all of the above". Titles aren’t all that helpful, agreed?
What counts is to understand the principles of Human-centered Design and to know how to put them to work.

I started my career in 2003, back when Berlin and I were still really cool

After two years in an advertising agency, I went to the University of Applied Science Potsdam and studied Design. From there I went to the HPI School of Design Thinking. During my studies, I became a freelancer and have been ever since.

I do User Research, uncover new business Opportunity Areas, develop Product and Service Ideas to then Test them.

Also I design and facilitate Design Sprints, Design Thinking Workshops, Trained Teams to understand and make use of Design Thinking in their work. I conducted Train the Trainer programs and I do Workshops and Keynotes to speak about the benefits of putting your user in the center of your company actions.

I am happy to work on your design challenge first hand or to coach your team to solve it themselves.

Let's see how we can shape the future togehter